What do we do?

We build all inclusive web based information tracking solutions that include all the pieces of the puzzle needed for tracking your data - the database, the website, the cloud hosting and ongoing support.

How Does It Work?

You tell us what data and information tracking problems you have and we help you solve them with a custom cloud based solution!  Your solution will be easy to use and on the internet.

Key Features

Easy searchability, built in email notifications, encryption of sensitive information, dynamic auditing and much more... Find the information you need at your fingertips, when you need it!

Try it for free!

Let us make your custom cloud solution for free, if you aren't satisfied, you pay nothing!  If you are satisfied, you pay a monthly fee based on your usage, hosting and support needs.

Manage Your Data Easily, Find Answers Quickly

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     Your Snapshot

    Graphical Dashboard

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     Easy Searching

    Find Answers Quickly

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     Easy To Use Forms

    Simplified Data Entry

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    Easy Reference Info

    Custom Document Library

Manage your data on all your devices

Your custom cloud based solution will be able to be accessed and managed from all of your devices!

You will be able to view, add, edit and search for information from anywhere!

PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones - whatever you have available at the time will work with your custom web solution!

Services and Support

You tell us what data and information tracking problems you need solved and we will build your custom information tracking solution!

Your solution will be easy to use and available from anywhere via a secure web site.

De-Clutter your business!  Give us your spreadsheets and other documents!

We will migrate them into your own custom information tracking solution!

In addition to building your initial web solution, we will also provide ongoing customizations based on your changing business needs.

We will take care of maintaining your cloud based web solution!

Access it from anywhere at anytime!

Customizations and updates can be easily applied anytime!